About Us

Who are Clippers Crew Singers?
Enthusiastic, musical, professional entertainment, the men of Clippers Crew Singers from Haaksbergen. From pop to light classical music from both past and present, musical songs and evergreens revamped by surprising polyphonic arrangements.

Since when? Founded in 2011 with the idea to set up a shanty choir, it quickly became clear that the conductor had larger aspirations. Mr. Weeink and Mr. Gaasbeek (known for Teach–In,The Netherlands’ last Eurovision song festival winners) were involved in shaping the musical foundation right from the start.
They made their professional approach immediately obvious by differentiating between sailor and shanty choirs, from a different musical perspective.

Memorable moments.
The December 2014 release of the first CD in theatre “De Kappen”, Haaksbergen was immediately a full house for the Crew. This led to making this a biennial festival, which attracted a full house again in 2016.
In 2015, the men stood proudly on the main stage at Sail Amsterdam, overwhelming for both the crew and the audience. But standing still is going backwards, so there is constant innovation of our repertoire.

Addition of Singers.
To display our ability to sing songs other than shanty songs, the prefix Singers was placed behind the name. This made sure our shanty origins were not renounced.

Interaction with the audience is high on the priority list as well to performe abroad with other choirs. Musical themes such as ABBA and The Beatles are now rehearsed and presented soon as a new project. In short, Clippers Crew Singers is completely contemporary and full of musical energy.