Ard Weeink

The conductor of the choir. Won in 1975 with the band “Teach In” Ding a Dong the Eurovision song contest. Has won the 1975 Eurovision song festival with the band Teach-In playing the song “Ding-a-dong”.

Selects for the choir appropriate good numbers. Responsible for the selection of suitable songs.

All songs, which are sung for by our  choir in special arrangements formats written by Ard Weeink. The corresponding titles can be found on the next page.




John Gaasbeek

Former member of Teach- In. Guides the choir during the weekly rehearsals and performances our choir and supports is a creative support for Ard Weeink. Additionally, he performs regularly frequently with the duo “All Sandra & John.





Mark Bomkamp

As a professional sound engineer, Mark is responsible for the sound during our performances. He creates balance between the choir and solo voices so that the combined sound of the choir is displayed perfectly.






Our rehearsal evenings take place every Monday night from 19:00 to 21:00 in the foyer of the theatre “De Kappen” in Haaksbergen. Everyone is welcome to get acquainted with musical delight.

Singing a false note is insignificant, but singing without passion is unforgivable.

Link naar (nederlands)  het repertoire.